Many bands see unauthorised recordings produced by and for dedicated fans. Pink Floyd are no exception. (Word is they were the most heavily bootlegged band in the 70s). These unlicensed releases, known as ROIOs - Recordings of iIlegitimate/Indeterminate Origin are of variable quality. Many are made from people recoding concerts 'live', so the same gig may sound better or worse from different recordings. (Authorised recording are often called ROLOs, Recordings Of Legitmate Origin)

Frequently, a lot of effort is put into ROIO artwork and often the album cover or cd insert will have artistic merit of it's own.

Please be aware that we are not connected with any people who make or sell ROIOs. We include the artwork as a reference only.

Please also be advised that there are many Pink Floyd fans out there who will happily trade ROIO's with you - so don't buy them!

If you have any artwork that we do not have here, we would be very happy to receive submissions from you. Please send scans to:

We hope you enjoy looking at the artwork shown in this gallery.
Gallery - Album Artwork
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