Syd Barrett - Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond    26th April 1993

“Dominoes” (Take 3)     (Barrett)

Tech:  "Okay good".
Syd:  "Should we try and sing it"?
Syd:  "That's alright.  That's alright.  Don't worry".

Tech:  "What's it called"?
Syd:  "Don’t know.  No title".
Syd:  "I suppose it's called Dominoes".

It's an idea, someday
Oh, idea someday
In my tears, my dreams
Don't you want to see her proof?

This box set was a repackaging of The Madcap Laughs, Barrett, and Opel with various bonus tracks included at the end of each disc.  All these bonus tracks were just different takes on previously released material.  Nothing really new, but some songs had slightly different lyrics.