Covers and reworks are the raison d'etre of our radio station.  We do our best to promote tribute bands, play their songs and give them air time. Nothing though, can beat the experience of a live gig.

Many bands can replicate the true Pink Floyd rush, that "Space Cadet Glow",  invloving lasers and lights generating the ambience that is specifically Pink Floyd.

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Based in the Maidstone area of Kent but playing across the country, the guys in Just Floyd have been playing together since the middle of 2004.

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Just Floyd
Pig Floyd


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The Wall of Sound recreate Pink Floyd as it was when music was live and exciting. No studio tracks, no vocal enhancers, just musicians and singers in harmony to recreate, note for note, the very best of the Pink Floyd back catalogue.

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Breathe  - The Delicate Sound Of Floyd
The Wall of Sound

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Darkside - The Pink Floyd Show
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Brit Floyd

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From Coventry in the UK, the award winning 'Dark Side Of The Wall' are one of the country's leading Pink Floyd tribute bands with over 12 years of regular concert performances behind them.

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Dark Side Of The Wall

Floydian Slip
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A Floydian Slip live gig is about as close as you can get to the real thing. The band uses a quadraphonic sound system, computer controlled intelligent lighting including lasers and a massive video screen using the very latest digital projection technology.
MacFloyd  - Scotland's Tribute to Pink Floyd
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MacFloyd are a six piece band from Scotland who over the last decade have grown from strength to strength as one of the best tribute bands in the world. With a line up of talented musicians and singers, and an impressive light show, MacFloyd  delivers one of the best Pink Floyd shows.

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Off The Wall
SINCE the year 2000, Off The Wall, The Music of Pink Floyd has become THE Pink Floyd show to see. In the past ten years, the band has played to thousands and thousands of Pink Floyd fans the world over with massive shows across the UK, Europe, the Far East and South America.

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Perfect Alibi give the audience not only authentic reproductions of the music they love, but also a show with sophisticated lighting, lasers, projections and pyrotechnics. With an ongoing desire to better each and every show they have become the definitive tribute to the music of Pink Floyd. Check them out and see for yourselves...

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Perfect Alibi

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Relics - Welcome to the Darkside
Devoted Floyd fans themselves, Relics present a show giving the audience more than two and a half hours of live reproductions of the sounds, the atmosphere, the sights...... of one of the world's greatest ever rock bands.

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Darkside use  a vast array of lighting, laser and pyrotechnic effects to form the basis of their stage show. They cover the Pink Floyd's immense back catalogue of records almost in it's entirety.

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A BRIT FLOYD show is truly the genuine reincarnation of the Pink Floyd live experience. This extravagant show brings together all the best elements of a real Pink Floyd concert.

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A Floydian Slip live gig is about as close as you can get to the real thing. The band uses a quadraphonic sound system, computer controlled intelligent lighting, including lasers and a massive video screen using the very latest digital projection technology.

“There are bigger shows. There are no better shows. If all you want to do is stare at some pretty lights, go and see those chaps from the Colonies, or sit under your stairs and flick your own light switch back and forth. If you want to hear the music of Pink Floyd, go and see SHINE ON. There is nothing left to say.”

Shine On
The New Machine
“The New Machine play Pink Floyd nationally and internationally. The New Machine's ethos is to perform Pink Floyd's Music faithfully and with passion and energy. Many of the bands high profile performances are to benefit charities and to help raise awareness on important local and global issues..”

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First formed in 2003, Pig Floyd are a
sound-alike tribute band to Pink Floyd.

Breathe - The Delicate Sound of Floyd are a UK based, internationally acclaimed band who present a celebration of the very best of Pink Floyd classics selected from all eras.

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Bob Geldof - The Wall Film
Think Floyd, the first Pink Floyd tribute band in the UK, were formed in South London, England in May 1994 by four talented and experienced musicians and songwriters.

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Think Floyd
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PULSE delivers the true Pink Floyd experience with a visual light show presentation drawing from actual footage used during Pink Floyd shows. They pride themselves firstly on their dedication to top notch musicianship which is truly second to none.

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The band "In The Flesh" consists of two guitars, bass, vocal, drums, keyboards and saxophone. They are from the town called Smolensk, Russia.

The Band performs the legendary music of Pink Floyd with all the responsibility and care that each song requires and are looking forward to producing a studio recording in the near future/