Roger Waters - Ca Ira
Release Date:  26th September 2005

Playing Time: 108:29

Label: Sony Classical
Producer: Roger Water
                   Rick Wentworth

Act One

1. The Gathering Storm
2. Overture

3.  Scene 1: A Garden in Vienna 1765
4. Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine

5.  Scene 2: Kings Sticks and Birds
6. Honest Bird, Simple Bird
7.  I Want to Be King
8.  Let Us Break All the Shields

9.  Scene 3: The Grievances of the People

10. Scene 4: France in Disarray
11. To Laugh is to Know How to Live
12. Slavers, Landlords, Bigots at Your Door

13. Scene 5: The Fall of the Bastille
14. To Freeze in the Dead of Night
15. So to the Streets in the Pouring Rain

Act Two

1. Scene 1: Dances and Marches
2. Now Hear Ye!
3. Flushed With Wine

4. Scene 2: The Letter
5. My Dear Cousin Bourbon of Spain
6. The Ship of State is All at Sea

7. Scene 3: Silver Sugar and Indigo
8. To The Windward Isles

9. Scene 4: The Papal Edict
10. In Paris There's a Rumble Under the Ground

Disc Two

Act Three

1 .Scene 1: The Fugitive King
2. But the Marquis of Boulli Has a Trump Card Up
     His Sleeve
3. To Take Your Hat Off
4. The Echoes Never Fade from That Fusillade

5. Scene 2: The Commune de Paris
6. Vive la Commune de Paris
7. The National Assembly is Confused

8. Scene 3: The Execution of Louis Capet
9. Adieu Louis for You It's Over

10. Scene 4: Marie Antoinette - The Last Night
       on Earth
11  Adieu My Good and Tender Sister

12. Scene 5: Liberty
13. And in the Bushes Where They Survive
All lyrics by Roger Waters from the original Libretto by Etienne & Nadine Roda-Gil.