David Gilmour - David Gilmour

David Gilmour    25th May 1978

“Cry From The Street”    (Gilmour & E. Stuart)
Black shadows dance beyond the neon glow
There's rumours in your head that just won't let go
They hold on so tight, it makes your blood run cold
Nailed as the night trying to save your soul
Don’t be afraid, it's just cry from the street.

It's fine to believe what they keep they own
So you've lost someone that you thought you owned
You know it's a crime but what can you do?
That's the price you pay with each turn of the screw
But don't pay no mind, it's just a cry from the street.

You really love the night, living on your love
It's such a crying shame that things are so rough
It's the sign of the scream that it blinds your feet
I guess the chances are you wish you'd stayed asleep.

Don't be afraid it's just a cry from the street.