Syd Barrett - Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond    26th April 1993

“Waving My Arms In The Air/ I Never Lied To You” (Take 1)    (Barrett)

Waving my arms in the air
Love my love, got no care
No care, no, no, pressing my feet to the ground
Stand up right where you stand
Call to you and what do you do
Laying back in a chair?
She's so high on the air
She's so high on the air
Half and half, half and half
All you have to do to call
Is hold her hand, and stand a while
And then smile and we'll understand
Yes we do - yes, yes we do!

Oh what a girl I got too
Oh what a girl I got too
With her slinky look she held her tie to her hair
I could see everywhere
No-one in the land, no-one
No-one in the land, no-one
When it rains on Saturday - cats and dogs in the hay
Stormy day, hey, hey
And you shouldn't try to be.

What you can't be
We shouldn't try to be
What you can't be
Call to you and what do you do?

There will be shoulders pressing in the hall
And I won't know if you're here at all
There will be wine and drinking in the yard
There won't be anybody very hard
Will be lots of things that we can do.

And all and more will be for you
Everything I knew I tried with you
But everything to you was never easy
So I went ahead around my world
I saw the things you do arriving by your side
To see you looking too
But I know this. I know, I never lied to you…

It's been just like you're gone
For just one day for so long!
It's been so hard to bear with you not there
But though I think of you, the things you do
When I'm with you
To be with you
To be alone...can only think:
"Why I am here? What's meant to be?"
This box set was a repackaging of The Madcap Laughs, Barrett, and Opel with various bonus tracks included at the end of each disc.  All these bonus tracks were just different takes on previously released material.  Nothing really new, but some songs had slightly different lyrics.