Nick Mason - Fictitious Sports

Fictitious Sports    3rd May 1981

“I Was Wrong”    (Bley)

Well I used to think this talk of spaceships
Was just so much hype.
I really believed there was nothing out there
Except the Stars and the Stripes.
I mean the scientists said they found out that
There was nothing there on Mars.
So as far as I was concerned it was just
The name of a candy bar.

I’m one of those kind of people
Who need proof before they believe.
Close Encounters left me cold,
And Star Trek seemed naive.
When it came to UFO’s,
I was of the scientific school,
Little green men with pointed heads
Were for little kids and fools.

But I was wrong,
I was wrong.
I was real wrong,
I was wrong.
All along,
I was so wrong.

The people who believed that stuff
Were always kind of odd,
I mean you might as well go all the way
And believe in Jesus and God.
I knew I had the kind of mind
That wasn’t easily satisfied,
And besides I had enough problems on earth
To keep me occupied.

And then one night I was standing
Looking at the stars,
And I heard something that sounded like
A hundred space guitars.
The music was so weird it could have
been the theme from Jaws.
Then I saw something flying over my head
I thought it was Santa Claus.

But I was wrong,
I was wrong.
I was real wrong,
I was wrong,
All along.
I was so wrong.