Syd Barrett - Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond    26th April 1993

"Swan Lee" (Silas Lang) (Take 5)     (Barrett)

Swan Lee got up at the Running Foot pow-wow,
Headed from the fire to his waiting canoe.
Chattering Squaw untied the wigwam door,
The chief blew smoke rings two by two.

The land in silence stands...

Swan Lee, his boat by the bank in the darkness,
Loosened the rope in the creek is entwined.
A feather from the wing of a wild young eagle,
Pointed to the land where his fortune he'd find.

The land in silence stands…

Swan Lee paddled on from the land of his fathers,
His eyes scanned the undergrowth on either side.
From the shore hung a hot, heavy, creature infested
Tropic, Swan Lee had a bow by his side.

The land in silence stands…

Swan Lee kept time, half on land, half on water,
Grizzly bear and raccoon his fare.
He followed his ears to the great waterfall,
Swan Lee knew deep down that his squaw was there.

The land in silence stands....

Suddenly the rush of the mighty Great Thunder,
Confronted Swan Lee as his song he sang,
In the dawn, with his squaw, he was battling homewards
It was all written down by Long Silas Lang.

The land in silence stands...
The land in silence stands...
The land in silence stands.
This box set was a repackaging of The Madcap Laughs, Barrett, and Opel with various bonus tracks included at the end of each disc.  All these bonus tracks were just different takes on previously released material.  Nothing really new, but some songs had slightly different lyrics.