Roger Waters - Music From The Body

Music From The Body    28th November 1970

“Breathe”    (Waters)

Breathe in the air,
Make for the meadow and savour the grass while it lasts.

By and by,
Spidery fingers of industry reach for the sky.
Brick upon brick, stone upon stone, they grow.
Choking the atmosphere, oh, so incredibly slowly.
Sulphur and carbon and hydrogen sulphide and lime.
Fever, corrosion and cover your cities with grime.
Something is killing the land, before your eyes,
And the sunshine,
Is not to blame,
Could be the insane, inhuman games we play,
Day by day.

River and fool,
Mushrooming home in a crowd, I'm alone.
Close your eyes, lie still,
You are a mountain stream and I am a hill.

Far, far away
There is a field of blossom and bees and new mown hay
Breathe in the air
Breathe in the air
Breathe in the air
Breathe in the air.