David Gilmour - About Face

About Face    5th March 1984

“You Know I’m Right”    (Gilmour)
You can scream and shout with all your might
Dig in your heels and hold on tight
Either you are wrong or I am right.

You speak the lines you've overheard
The ring of truth in every word
You know you're right and that's absurd.

We really seem to have a problem here
But it is you or me?
Whatever I have going through my mind
You always have to disagree
It's just a matter of opinions
It's not a simple fact
Why don't you try to see the other side?
Don't turn your back.

Now we survey this silent battleground
Recriminations all around
And still no compromise is found.

Now we really seem to have a problem
And it won't just disappear
And all the friends we thought we could rely on
Just want to whisper in my ear.

"It's just a matter of opinions
You know you keep both in sight
Why should you bother with the other side
When you know that your’s is right."