Richard Wright  - Broken China

Broken China    6th November 1996

“Night Of A Thousand Furry Toys”    (Wright, Moore)

Now you feel it, a shiver and you begin
Frozen breath that scrapes across the skin
And a sound you've never heard before, you screaming
Welcome to the world of random noise
Where you simply haven't got a choice
When they push your levers and pull your strings
It's another world; it's a better world that we bring.

Here you on the planet of hot and cold
Where you do exactly as your told.

In a world of a thousand furry toys
You can hear the screams of little girls and boys
It's a charming noise, if you really want that kind of thing, mama.

Now you feel it, a shiver and you've begun
When they pull the strings how you'll start to run
And there's no stepping off or stepping down.

It's another world and it's a better world
That's what we have found.