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Our output is....  well, "freeform"

Fundamentally Pink Floyd: The music we play  covers a wide range of  genres. In addition to pure 'Floyd', the station is an outlet for tribute bands and reworks. We are a place to hear music from both established musicians and unsigned artists.

We will also play "soundalikes."  We are always eager to receive submissions and requests for airplay.

During the week we have a general rotation that essentially incorporates almost everything we have.

The weekends are a tiny bit more structured. Saturdays and Sundays give us the opportunity for the teams own compilations and listeners personal playlists.

Email  us or use the webmail page to send in your lists,  (maximum ten songs), and we will do the rest. If you're spoilt for choice,  just send in more than one list! OR use our song slector and make your own instant playlist,
The Boys' Own Works
These lists contain most of the content that can be heard on KAOS Sound.
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