Roger Waters - Get Back To Radio

Get Back To Radio)

“Get Back To Radio”     (Waters)

Like an ember,
Glowing in the dark,
I have almost grown cold.
Frozen like a soldier,
Standing by the flagpole,
Leg player, they all said was too old.
I have been tempted, to hand in my key.

But I am never alone,
I feel you are with me.
I will not be a packet of crap on MTV.
I am a man.
I will not be a number.
Get back to radio.
Get back to radio.

Now I am a flame,
I will be a fire again.
Carolyn Ann, give me your hand.
Like a volcano,
Gettin' ready to blow,
The new generation, waits by its radio.

God bless Bob Geldof.
Get back to radio.
Get back to radio.
Get back.

All you want is a chance.
This song was released by EMI (UK) in November 1987. It was one of three on a single.