Roger Waters - Molly's Song

(Jim): "O.K., let's get back to Billy".
Billy?… "Yo, Billy".

(Billy): "I'm sorry, Jim.
I was miles away keeping an eye on Molly".

(Jim): "You were keeping an eye on Molly.
I thought Molly lived in Wales".

(Billy): "With a certain optic enhanced surveillance satellite, I can read a newspaper from five hundred miles high, Jim".

(Jim): "Let me get this clear.
You're trying to tell me that you can keep an eye on Molly
by hacking into a government satellite. Come on".

Hold tight,
Baby, feel the starlight.
There is a glow in the sky tonight,
Moving, could be a satellite.

Is it friendly?
Then, will it bring me closer to thee.
Heart to heart,
Or will it keep us apart, Ben.

Benny, Benny, Ben,
When you coming home?
'Cause I need you, Ben.
And I want you, Ben,
Right now, right here, oh.
Benny, Benny, Benny,
Since you've been gone,
I've been so lonely, Ben,
And I'm missing you, Benny.
And I know you are too.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh

Benny, Benny, Benny,
When you coming home?
It's not a home without you, Ben.
And I'm missing you so much,
Day and night, night and day.

Oh ho, woo hoo.

Goodbye, little spy in the sky,
They say that cameras don't lie.
Am I happy, am I sad,
Am I good, am I bad?
Ooh, oh, Benny, Benny, when you coming home?

I miss you.
Molly's Song)

“Molly's Song”    (Waters)
This song was released by Columbia (US) in 1987. It was one of two tracks on a single and was part of the Radio Kaos Live Tour but was not included on the Radio Kaos album.