Roger Waters - Music From The Body

Music From The Body    28th November 1970

“Sea Shell and Stone”       (Waters)

Sea shell and stone,
Surf rushes forward to feel the shingle with fingers of foam.
Search for the gold,
Over the landscape the mouth of a lifeline unfolds
Smooth and round and brown.
See how the sunshine creeps over thistle and down
Hillock and hump, hummock and clump and mound.
I feel a lump, see a bump, hear a bulboba sound.
Hollow and valley and shadow and dimple and hill,
Glisten and glimmer and shimmer and sparkle and still.
Sunlight is warming the land before your eyes
And the sunrise is on your side.
And the sunshine is on your thighs.
Lady of stone, you are alone,
Lady of stone, you are alone.