Roger Waters - Going To Live In L.A.

Molly stood still in the rain, and wept,
Young Billy kicked stones down the courthouse step,
The police linked arms in a line to hold back the crowd.

“How much longer Mum”, said Ben,
“Why's that policeman kicking that man?”
“Can we have a bit of jam, on our bread today?”

Then the whistle blew, and the gates swung back,
“Wave”, said Molly,
Ben waved his cap.
At two eyes looking through a little slot,
Like someone dying in a letter box.

And Molly said:
“Say goodbye to the valley.
Say goodbye to the rain.
Through the miracle of telecommunications,
In the private sector,
We got a message today.

Your Great Uncle David, your great Uncle David.
The one who went to the USA,
The one with the swimming pool and the palm trees,
And the big dog, the BIG dog,
Has asked you to stay, to stay,
And you're going, going, going,
Going, going, going,
To live in LA”.

Going, going, going.
Going, going, going.
Going, going, going.

Oh, Hollywood hills,
Oh, midnight thrills,
Benny, your time has come,
Oh, oh, Benny don't drink the water,
Stay away from the cocaine slaughter,
Oh, Benny, you don't get caught, you'll have some fun,
And I'm going into him.

Benny, Benny,
Get down.

Oh no, Benny, be cool, don't drink the water.
Oh no, Benny, stay away from the boss' daughter.
Now, there's a hundred miles of sushi bars,
And pastel convertible cars.
And up on Mulholland Drive,
Where Warren Beatty locks himself in his safe at night just to stay alive.
Nothing's going on.
Going To Live In L.A.)

Going To Live In L.A”    (Waters)
This song was released by EMI (UK) 11th May 1987 & 6th June 1987 (US). It was one of three tracks on a single and was part of the Radio Kaos Live Tour but was not included on the Radio Kaos album.