Richard Wright  - Broken China

Broken China    6th November 1996

“Along The Shoreline”    (Wright, Moore)

You feel her warmth, feel it like a summer day
Shining from, the cloudless sky, it lights her way.

With darkness gone like a distant road
Travelled it all night until the morning rose

Now we're turning, towards the sun, unfolding every day
From out behind, the clouded mind,
With more than words can say.

Half-naked souls and a harmony
Is a song of tears, all washed into the sea,
As we stand along the shoreline.

We were cut off from our lives by a wall of pain
It can't be seen.  It's so routine.  It has no face or name.
Now he day has broken, can see in better ways
A path leading to the light, a hope that never fades.
All power to the brave.

You feel her warmth, feel it like solar rays,
See how, they kindle fire, illuminate her face.
Free as the sunlight that shines down from above,
That opens us all to feel love.